Monday, October 5, 2009

A 55 in a 35

Ok, this is my last, absolute last, rant about the traffic ticket I got. I mean, really I was speeding, I was disobeying NC traffic laws and I should have gotten the ticket. I readily admit that. So why am I still fuming after being stopped several hours ago? Well it is just the thought of having to pay the state and especially this county fees and fines. The officer was nice and he did reduce the ticket for me and I don't even have to go to court, just pay the fines and fees. Yeah that is like $200.00 and maybe that is why I am fuming. I don't know. Its like when you are caught and you know you are wrong but you don't want to face the consequences for it. That is how I am feeling. So I am going to just finish this blog and then let it go and pay the fines and fees. Learn from my lesson don't go through downtown "anywhere" doing 55 no matter how big of a hurry you are in. Especially in Smithfield, NC.