Friday, September 25, 2009

African American are not the ones leading the welfare roles!

I was on a website recently (today) and some ignorant white girl made an ignorant comment. She said something akin to "we should sit on our a$$ and collect welfare like our colored counterpart does." Well I started to comment to her but I refuse to address ignorance as it does little good to educate. In causes arguments and discontent as you really can't take an ignorant person and make them smart. So I decided to just blog it and make it available to who ever dares to read it. I don't know where this person lives but blacks are out in full force in the workplace. I don't walk into many businesses and not find several black men and women working. Long gone is the "token" black. You know that "one" to make things look good. Blacks are taking commanding roles and are valuable to any industry or business venture. I, myself, am in a management position and most of the "business" people I deal with on a daily basis are black. Still, let me debunk the myth that caused me to post this. Blacks on the welfare roles. I checked some statistics and here is what I found. A google search will give you the same results.

Myth: People on welfare are usually black, teenage mothers who stay on ten years at a time.

Fact: Most welfare recipients are non-black, adult and on welfare less than two years at a time.

According to the statistics, whites form the largest racial group on welfare; half of all welfare recipients leave in the first two years; and teenagers form less than 8 percent of all welfare mothers.

Blacks comprise only 12 percent of the nation, but, according to the above figures, they comprise 37 percent of the welfare rolls. This should not be surprising; in 1994, blacks had a poverty rate of 33 percent. We should not, of course, think it unusual to find poor people on welfare. Consequently, discussions of race and welfare must turn on different issues.

For those who want to do their own research, here is a good starting point:

Now simple math (let go with simple because ratios and medians and averages maybe too complicated to small minds) says that if blacks only comprise 37 percent of the welfare roles then...duh...63percent must be NON BLACK.

I knew there was still some ignorance in the world but please don't go opening your mouth spewing it so others know without doubt just how ignorant you are. Quit using race as a reason to hate a black president. You would look better just to say you dislike him based on race than to keep trying to put blacks and other groups down to disguise your racism. Your sheets are showing plain and simple.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is just the most sickening thing I have heard in a long long time.

Mackenzie Phillips, the eldest daughter of the late John Phillips, frontman of the Mamas and the Papas, says her father raped her and that they later carried on a consensual incestuous relationship

Yes that is right, in case you haven't heard, Mackenzie Phillips the former child star of One Day At A Time came forth on Oprah saying first her famous father raped and it then turned into a consentual sexual relationship that lasted a decade!! She said she is coming forth because she knows she is not the only one this is happening to or has happened to.
My mind is going crazy!!! How can anyone consent to sex with their father? There is no amount of alcohol or drugs that could make me want to do that. Give me a truck load of booze, a ton of any drugs and at the end of it all I would NOT want to have sex with my own dad!!!
Yet, unless one is in the situation it is hard to pass judgement so in all fairness to her I will say that: I believe her, and I feel sorry it had to happen to her. If in fact what she feels is correct (not being the only one) then she is doing a brave thing to put a face to it and come forth.
Its still sick tho.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


On my way out the door for church. I am giving the message I posted last night. I tell you the truth...this is a powerful word for me. If you have a vision or dream in your heart from God, take the time to read and study this Word. It is a Word in due season. I pray you are blessed and favored today. May God's light shine upon you.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am NOT a grasshopper, neither are you

I will be ministering this sermon this Sunday and thought I would give all of you a preview. In Numbers 13 Moses chose his top leaders to go and spy out the promise land. This was a pivotal moment for the Hebrews as they were just a few miles from the promise land and it was at this junction that Moses hoped to enter it. His hopes would be dashed by the leaders. The 12 was gone for 40 days and returned with the report that "we seem as grasshoppers to ourselves and thus must look that way to them, they are giants" (my version). Only two, Joseph and Caleb said "we can take them, lets go immediately" (my version again). What is astonishing is that the top leaders who should have demonstrated great faith discouraged themselves and also the Hebrews. Needless to say they all became doomed to wander in the wilderness for 40 years and none of them except Joseph and Caleb ever saw the promise land.
There is going to be a time (it might be now) where your faith will be challenged. The enemy of your soul will no doubt show you all the "giants" around you. You will hear from the naysayers, you will feel you are not capable, not qualified, barriers in the way and that call of God is questioned because you see your own lack! How you will end up on the other side of your faith will depend on your attitude and answer to God. Will you tell him how inadequate you are? Will you trust God as you remember all the things He has done thus far? Will you teeter on the edge of victory for 40 years?
I challenge you to dive into this story and learn a fast lesson. Remember your faith can be as small as a mustard seed to move a mountain! But what will your attitude be? I asked myself this question with several things I am facing and my answer was and remains: I am NOT a grasshopper. I am more than a conquer, I can do ALL things thru Christ who strengthens me!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze Has Died

Patrick Swayze has died after a nearly two-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

Swayze's publicist Annett Wolf says the 57-year-old "Dirty Dancing" actor died Monday with family at his side. He came forward about his illness last spring, but continued working as he underwent treatments.

I actually liked his acting and he died so young. RIP Patrick!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I wrote this for a blog shortly after 9-11 and am reposting today in memory.

***I actually wrote this blog a few weeks after 9-11 and thought I would repost it this morning in memory of those who have suffered not only on that day but are still suffering with the war and the after effects. I continue to pray for those who lost family and dear friends. I also still cast a jaundice eye at former president Bush and that administration.

I wanted to take this time to express my heartfelt sorrow for those lost on 911.
I have a son born on this day and so as we celebrate his birthday and life, it is easy to forget that so many lost lives on this day. I assure you those in my family remembers this day as a day when America got a wake up call.
It is not strange to know and see hate in the world. Many are hated for race, creed, national orgin and other things that we think defines a person. Then there are small ways that hate runs rampet. Such as education, social classes, health care, schools etc.
America has had its own share of innocence blood being shed because of hate. And on Sept. 11,2001 someone decided to show America hate.
The one thing that arose out of the ashes was a commitment to Jesus or to a God. People wanted to pray with each other as never before. No one wanted to hate their neighbor that day in time. But I read somewhere since then that most of those shared moments have faded. I sure pray not.
I want to extend a plea to the family and friends of those who perished in 911 to remember that your loved ones did not die in vain. To extend to them a time to show love and prayer to a nation that needs it...America. I want to ask you to extend to your neighbors, co-workers and family the 'dream' of equality and love. As I extend this ministry and a personal prayer to you, please reach out to others in the same manner.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Lie!!

Democrats and Republicans alike are denouncing Rep. Joe Wilson for shouting "You lie" at President Barack Obama during his speech to Congress, an extraordinary breach of decorum for which the South Carolina Republican swiftly apologized.

I could really jump all over this like flies on (you know what) but I will use a bit more decorum unlike Joe Wilson. Joe, wtf!!! WTF!!! Are you so embittered at this black man that he has caused you to lose all you *cough* "decorum?" I dare say you would not have or have ever done this to your white counterpart. I am shocked and disappointed that a member of congress would show such lack of tack and racism and yes it is racism. You are part of an institution that just has to rear its ugly head and you have brought it all the way to the congress. Well, get over yourself buddy, the TRUTH is every politician LIES and that includes you. You can be thankful no one has shouted it out to you on the floor. I am all for healthcare reform and I am backing President Obama on this one. I wish he would pay you naysayers no mind and quit for God sake trying to get you all to agree with him and like him. Let this be yet another glaring example to him that "they don't like you".

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am sitting here thinking (again)about President Obama (again) and this time its about his speech to school students. I am glad that my influence on my young charge caused her to decide to go to the speech. She is in high school, not much into politics and she said she "almost didn't go" but she went. When she came home, she was so excited. "Mrs. Cynthia," she said, "Did you see the Presidents address to students?" to which I said I had. She continued for another 30 minutes about how excited she was, and how she can do anything in life, and it made her feel good, it made her think. I listened and it occurred to me that she nor any of my sons have ever come home so excited about a speech in school!!
I applaud the President for his speech, his care and concern. Of course the haters and nay sayers are going to say he did this for political gain. Well there may be a handful of students who will be old enough to vote in 2012 but far more will not so I don't feed into that. I think those students who did not listen in was deprived of a great opportunity to participate with the country and their president. Perhaps those students have super wealthy parents who can afford life coaches for their children. For the rest of us, I think it was powerful!!
Hell, it inspired me. I am surely going to return and finish my degree and go up a step further. I say job well done President Obama. If I could just convince you to stop looking to the other side for support!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Something to ponder

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Hi Everyone! What a thought huh?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Would you? Really?

I think most of us genuinely want to do good in our lives and certainly do things that we know is pleasing to God. Right? Ok, I did say "most" of us, there are some who are atheist, or simply don't give a da--! I am not talking to those ones right now.
There is a story in the bible where a man asked to follow Jesus and he said he wanted to wait until his father died to bury him (I assume the old man was sick and dying) but Jesus said no let the dead bury the dead. Another man also wanted to follow Jesus and asked how could he become a "follower" to which Jesus told him to go and sell all that he had and then come follow him. There was a third person but I forget right now what his excuse was. Anyway I was thinking of the second person. What if God said I want you to become a disciple of mines but first you must do...??? (you fill it in and don't make it something easy for you to forsake either) (for me-I thought of my own comfort zone). Would I be willing to trust Him and forsake things I consider sure and comfortable to me? I really gave it some thought. My answer (and I hope yours) is yes. I would forsake what I consider is sure. I would forsake what I think of as comfortable. I would venture into whatever God wanted me to do. For me that is a challenge because I HATE surprises as I like to know the game plan before we enter then game. It is not easy for me to go into the game not knowing what the plan is. But for Jesus, yes I would. How about you?