Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

It is Easter rather than Christmas that captures the true essence of Jesus, His life, His purpose and the reality of His birth, death and resurrection. While we do not know the exact date of His birth, it is during Christmas that we celebrate His birth. His birth represents new beginnings to me, a new hope and promise and the dawning of a new day. Sometimes it seems all these things are delayed or worst...impossible, but His very birth demonstrates a Almighty God who always keeps His Word, who is mindful of you and I and always, always defies the odds.

From Jesus we witness what it means to suffer, to have faith and hope during persecution and to rise again. We learn that our beginning on earth may not have come about in ideal conditions but the plan God has for us far exceeds our beginnings. We learn to pray, to stand, to weep, and yes, even to get angry. We recognize it is ok to turn away from the crowd and look to the Father. We learn to understand parables and to meditate on them day and night.

We learn to love Him, not for what He can give us but for what He has already given us. We celebrate Him. Today, everyday I celebrate Him for all these things and more. I encourage every believer to reflect on these things and let it have meaning for you in a personal way through a relationship with Jesus Christ.