Sunday, January 9, 2011

You will notice I didn't make the first New Year's resolution and there is a reason why. No one seems to be able to keep them past a week especially me so why make 'em. I am just so thankful to see another year and excited to find out what happens in it. I am sitting here nursing an ulcer (at least that is my suspect) and it don't feel good at all, in fact it hurts like hell!!! The last bout with this lasted for months, I lost 20lbs. and was finally throwing up everyday all day! I could use the weight loss but the rest can go. My son told me the other day to lay my hands on my stomach and repeat "by His stripes I am healed" and I did and I like that. Yes, by His stripes I am indeed healed. Still today I ache. So I am taking it easy. For those of you who happen upon my blog (not by error) pray for a speedy recovery and I mean PRAY! I do appreciate it alot. I am back to work tomorrow and the forecast is sleet, snow and Ice. Wow! I really do need the days and this is my long week ( 6 straight days) but if the weather is too bad then well...too bad! I got a blog thought too pertaining to my job but that is for another day. I love you all and remember to give God the Glory!