Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am on this road, this walk, that calls me to follow the Lord of my youth, Jesus. I know I am headed that way, but like everyone, satan is watching and tossing things my way. The goal? To confuse, to steal, kill and destroy. Oh yes, he definately wants to take me out. Still, God keeps rescuing me and standing me on my feet again. On that walk, He is there beside me, in front of me and sometimes behind me, pulling me to the finish line. Rooting for me, telling me I can do all things through Him that strengthens me. He reminds me of His saving grace, His undying love, His awesome power and He resounds in my spirit that He (alone) is the Author and Finisher of my faith. He has saved me, is saving me and will save me. I am not alone. When I am confused, He is not. When I am unsure, He is confident. When I am scared, He is brave. He never puts me in a fight to lose the fight, He puts me in it, tells me to stand still and watch Him win it. That is the God of my youth. That is my Lord today. I am reminded of this as I face challenges in life and make decisions that affect my life. Jesus must be first in my life. Though I claim chief of sinners status, like Paul, I am also aware that He (God) has made me to stand. When Jesus stands up for me as my advocate the jury says guilty but the Judge says not guilty. I put my trust and faith in Him.