Friday, July 10, 2009

The Midnight Hour

Most of my friends and family know I am a thinker. I meditate on things all the time. So this afternoon, I am washing clothes, cleaning my room and preparing for the weekend that promises to be semi busy. While doing all of this, I am watching Twilight Zone on the laptop. It got me to thinking of the "Midnight Hour." Have you ever heard someone say "If he/she can just make it through the night?" I have to and I understand that when there is heartache and sickness, it is the midnight hour that is the hardest to get through. Some consider it the "terrors" of the night. I can agree that during those times it does feel like an unnatural terror. However, I was thinking of that Midnight hour and what it really means. Midnight is one minute of a 24 hour day that is actually a time of transition. It is the ending of one day and the beginning of another. It is a time when the past becomes just that, the past. It is an opportunity to begin a new day. It is a time when dawn is not yet, but it is near. You can look for the dawn, the light of a new day. Midnight has been deplicted in films as a scary time, but in essence it should be a time of quiet resolve that the day is gone and a new day begins and always, always, where there is life there is hope.

I have 'midnight hours' and I admit it is not fun when those times come. But I am realizing that with those dark hours it is a revelation to me that it is also just the dawning before a new day. I have avowed to make each day better than the one before it. What can't be changed is not worth meditating on unless it is a revisit of the past to not make those same errors over again. With each new day is another chance to get things "right." Why not change the way we view that "midnight hour?" I sure will.