Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wake deputies have been spotted using a black Chevy Corvette Z06 to pull over speeders on Interstate 40. Among the fastest production cars in the world, the Z06 has a base sticker price of $74,875 and a growling V8 racing engine that turns out 505 horsepower.

Being an admitted speeder and all around road hog, I was a bit suprised and shocked and yes hurt to see this news story. I have made great efforts to slow my little behind down but my car refuses to obey. So I can forsee a few speeding tickets in the future!! I am not too worried however, because I don't use I-40 that much unless I am going home for a visit or really need to get to Raleigh. Shhh...I use 70 most of the time. Now I know all of you (family and friends) are laughing your butts off because all of you...and I mean all of about my driving. I have been known to take a three hour trip and make it in two hours. Oh well. That speeding bullet on your bumper is probally me.