Friday, September 11, 2009

I wrote this for a blog shortly after 9-11 and am reposting today in memory.

***I actually wrote this blog a few weeks after 9-11 and thought I would repost it this morning in memory of those who have suffered not only on that day but are still suffering with the war and the after effects. I continue to pray for those who lost family and dear friends. I also still cast a jaundice eye at former president Bush and that administration.

I wanted to take this time to express my heartfelt sorrow for those lost on 911.
I have a son born on this day and so as we celebrate his birthday and life, it is easy to forget that so many lost lives on this day. I assure you those in my family remembers this day as a day when America got a wake up call.
It is not strange to know and see hate in the world. Many are hated for race, creed, national orgin and other things that we think defines a person. Then there are small ways that hate runs rampet. Such as education, social classes, health care, schools etc.
America has had its own share of innocence blood being shed because of hate. And on Sept. 11,2001 someone decided to show America hate.
The one thing that arose out of the ashes was a commitment to Jesus or to a God. People wanted to pray with each other as never before. No one wanted to hate their neighbor that day in time. But I read somewhere since then that most of those shared moments have faded. I sure pray not.
I want to extend a plea to the family and friends of those who perished in 911 to remember that your loved ones did not die in vain. To extend to them a time to show love and prayer to a nation that needs it...America. I want to ask you to extend to your neighbors, co-workers and family the 'dream' of equality and love. As I extend this ministry and a personal prayer to you, please reach out to others in the same manner.