Thursday, September 3, 2009

Would you? Really?

I think most of us genuinely want to do good in our lives and certainly do things that we know is pleasing to God. Right? Ok, I did say "most" of us, there are some who are atheist, or simply don't give a da--! I am not talking to those ones right now.
There is a story in the bible where a man asked to follow Jesus and he said he wanted to wait until his father died to bury him (I assume the old man was sick and dying) but Jesus said no let the dead bury the dead. Another man also wanted to follow Jesus and asked how could he become a "follower" to which Jesus told him to go and sell all that he had and then come follow him. There was a third person but I forget right now what his excuse was. Anyway I was thinking of the second person. What if God said I want you to become a disciple of mines but first you must do...??? (you fill it in and don't make it something easy for you to forsake either) (for me-I thought of my own comfort zone). Would I be willing to trust Him and forsake things I consider sure and comfortable to me? I really gave it some thought. My answer (and I hope yours) is yes. I would forsake what I consider is sure. I would forsake what I think of as comfortable. I would venture into whatever God wanted me to do. For me that is a challenge because I HATE surprises as I like to know the game plan before we enter then game. It is not easy for me to go into the game not knowing what the plan is. But for Jesus, yes I would. How about you?