Thursday, August 27, 2009

Encouraging Word


I got an email today from a friend who is tired of "waiting on the Lord". It's not that she wants to backslide or lose her salvation, she is just weary in well doing. I understand how she feels. If you have been praying and waiting for an answer from God it can try your faith. If God has given you a word of prophesy then it could be even harder because He don't always come forth with that word when we want. It seems to "tarry" for awhile. I want to encourage you to think of things that has transpired in your life and weigh it out to see if God has not steadily move your forward to your dreams and visions. If not..pray. God can never lie, His Word will not return void and His timing is perfect. "Tho it may tarry, it shall come." Meditate on that today, as it is coming.

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