Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I love it when things like this catches my eye. You all know I would pounce on this one:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has pardoned two jailed American journalists and ordered their release following an unannounced meeting with former President Bill Clinton, media reports said Tuesday.

Clinton traveled to communist North Korea on a mission to try to secure the release of Americans Euna Lee, 36, and Laura Ling, 32, reporters for former Vice President Al Gore's Current TV media venture who were arrested along the Chinese-North Korean border in March and sentenced in June to 12 years of hard labor for illegal entry and engaging in "hostile acts."

Clinton's meeting with Kim would be the notoriously reclusive North Korean leader's first with a prominent Western figure since Kim reportedly suffered a stroke a year ago, sparking questions about the future of the nation he controls with absolute authority.

Though Clinton was in North Korea on a private basis, his visit was treated by North Korea as a high-profile visit, with senior officials — including Kim Kye Gwan, the vice foreign minister who serves as the country's chief nuclear negotiator — meeting him on the tarmac.

Is my mind the only one screaming that good ole Kim wants PUBLIC RELATIONS!!! And why in God's name are we even addressing them?? How many slaps in the face can one nation take? They don't like us, they don't give a rats baby a$$ what we think, they certainly are not afraid to disobey a "command" from any of our Presidents!! So why are we now engaging them? Because one of the prisoners sister happens to be Lisa Lings sibling? I like Lisa Ling but I have to wonder if it were say Reporter "Demetrious" or "Dominique" would we be expecting a former president to show up with such rebellion to negotiate a release? Betcha this: we will eventually concede to their demands (current disregard) and agree to their having nuclear weapons (which they do have) or we will concede that they are the second world power fast approaching the number one slot. I sure as he (hockey sticks) don't see us running over to get their weapons and take down their dictator. Perhaps the word "fear" comes to mind or as my "plain" brother and sisters would say "They ain't playin that".