Monday, August 17, 2009

I had to get this off my chest!! For Obama.

Dear President Obama:
First I voted for you and it is important you realize that. Second we are both Leos and you should know that too as this may get a bit heated. So here it is: I wish you would "man up" against the republican party and quit trying to reach across the aisles to them. They don't like you. They are trying every under handed and over handed move they can make to make you look bad and it is working. I just have to tell you, they are not your friend. No matter how many Football Parties you have or how much beer you share with them, they don't like you. Now as for you and me: You see a need for health care, so do I and since I recognized that you did too, I ran to the primaries and on election day I made it my business to show up and vote and made even my sons to vote. The one reason was health care. I defended you on that god forsaken conservative hell hole of a website called where a bunch of folks with no money try to earn some online and bash you in the process. I defended you so much they banned me!! I don't care, at least they got the message. So why now, with a house and senate democratic majority are you bowing down to the low-life republicans who we both know are getting their marching orders from none other than rush limbaugh? They don't like you. We do and to be honest with you, you are not going to garnish not one more vote from that side trying to reach across the aisles than you have now. You should be thinking of those who voted for you, those who shed buckets and buckets of tears for you when you won, and those who don't even have the common sense enough to know how to vote. They are all looking to you.
Lastly, please quit with the town hall meetings! People are showing up with guns who don't like you. OK? The internet is fine and will work just as well and those gun toting red necks can shoot at the computer monitors and not you. Do some online town hall meetings for God sakes. Learn a lesson from the Bush playbook!!
Tell Michelle and the Kids hello for me. I am a bit exasperated right now but I still love you all as the first family.