Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just a Few Thoughts.

Today has been a pretty good day. I got some work done and am always proud when I can clear my desk a little bit. I was just sitting here after showering and ironing clothes for church tomorrow and I was thinking of something in the Bible. There is the story in Hosea where his wife ran off and "went after other lovers" and at one point the Lord God said he would "allure her back". I was thinking of that. Our nature and thoughts would have said "forget her" or some men would have tried to kill her for "whoring after other lovers", even my own response would have been one of anger. But look at God's love and compassion and how indeed "His thoughts are not our thoughts." He said he would "woo" her back. He was showing that everlasting, unimaginable love and concern. How this is so like God and not at all like us!! We are so quick sometimes to condenm someone we even think is in the wrong when in fact we should be showing a form of Godliness that would "Woo" a person to God and not run them away!! I can only hope that my actions would follow His example. Just a thought for you to think about.
Hope everyone's day is good and I will be back bloggin some more next week. Oh, I have to have surgery next week and then the week after I have to show up for jury duty so I may be a bit tired and not on line much.